26th November 2018

I wish I could trade minds with you briefly,
to reproduce accurately what I’m thinking.
I think words should only be heard
because each breath is word,
and so is no breath.
Punctuation is word,
and the sound of word is poetry.
I think poetry should only be heard.  

Some days, I think about nothing
Some days, I do nothing
And then there are days I think of my ex lovers
When I’m doing the dishes.
And then I think about the new
lovers I make, and how they fetishize me.
When I turn around, the light
From the window has moved
Off the carpet and onto my feet,
It’s going to climb me.  

I watch the light-show
And wait for it to start over,
But I live in a grey city
The next sunlight might not be a few days from now.

So I wait for it to snow, I watch the time
And the blue moving mass on the weather channel.
Waiting for it to consume me.
I send a text to a lover,
waiting for it to be seen,

I’m still waiting for it to snow.

I don’t like I’s and I use them a lot.
Some days, I think about nothing
As a site to become anything
I think of meaning,
And un-meaning.

Sometimes it’s my mind that tires me.
I think of being tired,
From doing nothing.
I think of the volume of nothing, of negative space,
I think of isolation.
I like to remember, I’m nervous of losing memory.
I make photographs to ease that
But i don’t trust anything.
I think things don’t repeat themself.
But i indulge in repetitive action, differently every time.

I know what the moon looks like today
And I’ve trained my body to compass
I’m scared of an uncertain future,
So I like to plan it.
I like planning everything;
Choreography occupies my present.

I know the line segment has a point A and B
And so much happens between those two points.
I trust that truth does not exist in words;
objects and images can keep memory better than words can
I’m sad that words are insufficient tools.
And so is all of this.

I keep flowers and keep checking how much water
has evaporated from the vase.
I make my bed, only so that I can make it again
and again,
I don’t believe in things repeating themselves but I want things to reoccur
Just to see what changed.

I’m scared my mother will die before me
And I’m scared my ex lovers will live longer.
But I think decay is important.

A void feels like are a warm space.
I can sense a void,
I think of nothing very often.

I’m still waiting for the text to be seen.