Winter Sun : Body Clock | 2017

A series of 36 digital phgotographs of the body occupying a quardilateral of light coming from the window as it travels across the apartment through the day.

1328   digital photograph; 12” x 13”

digital photograph; 12” x 13”

1459   digital photograph; 12”x13”

digital photograph; 12”x13”

On a bright day, I sit curled up on the floor, occupying the quadrilateral of light that enters through the window in my apartment. My body, aware of where the light warms it, contains itself in the section of light as the light moves over time. This awareness on skin, translates into memory over the duration of light’s passage, a sense of fleeting time. The body remains vigilant and anticipates the change in its form. The desire is warmth, the act is meditative, the performance is choreographic and the result is nothing.