I-II-III-IV | 2017 

I-II-III-IV is an observation of natural and artificial mechanisms that unfold over an un-anticipated duration through a series of performative experiments.

A painful restlessness often takes over a little above my gut, just where the ribcage splits. A knot, a clenched lump. The center of the lump folds the body inwards, it curls it up like gnocchi. The shoulders bend, the neck still looks out but the back is hunched and that’s the only posture to contain this center from spreading. It’s like the body in an extremely animated way, sucks itself inwards. In resistance to it’s suck-tional nature, I found myself lying flat on the ground, baring my chest to the ceiling. I stared at the skylight until I found the sun piercing right through the glass into my eyes. I saw my own sunrise and sunset.

Light Performance
graphite on plaster

Timely mapping of the light of the Sun as it comes through the skylight frame. The mapping was completed over two drawing performances that document light every four minutes.
24th January 2017 – 1409hrs - 1641hrs
25th January 2017 – 1053hrs - 1405hrs

Pedestal Fan and Sink fountain
pedestal fan, audio, glass aquarium, water pump, sink, rubber hose

The weight of water
curd, muslin cloth, water, weighing scale